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Our composite windows meet all solar and energy-efficient standards of America. Our windows can be custom made to the exact specifications of your home. Set your home apart both inside and out with performance composite windows.

All our energy-efficient window replacements are designed to provide clear visibility while reducing the effects of outside temperatures on your home.

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  • * Single Hung
  • * Double Hung
  • * Bay Windows
  • * Awning Windows
  • * Tilt In
  • * Aluminum
  • * Vinyl
  • * Soundproof

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We will guide you through the entire remodeling process with exceptional expertise. After all, we are one of the most highly regarded home remodeling companies.

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Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding service and quality craft. Our customers particularly value our dedication to low prices and quality materials as well as quality artistry.

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Our skilled handyman contractors can build any structure you would like. If you are looking to create a new custom amenity for your home or business, we can make it.

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We work with insurance companies on many claims. We have the knowledge, education, and experience to work with your adjuster in handling your request. We will strive to make this process work for you, not the insurance company. We will get you every dollar possible. In most cases, we can complete your repairs with NO money out of your pocket. We service the greater Waterville Maine area.

Installing replacement windows in your home Waterville will improve the comfort of the house and save on your energy bill. There are not many risk-free investments today, but installing new windows in your home is a substantial investment. Homes in Waterville appreciate when they are updated and modernized for energy efficiency. Vinyl replacement windows with high energy efficient ratings make sure your home is maintaining its value.

Not only would you be making a substantial investment into the value of your Maine home. You also get the benefit of improving the comfort of your home by eliminating hot and cold spots allowed by outdated drafty windows. Any investment in your house means careful consideration of your options.

Our windows are the perfect choice offering both solid construction and good looks at an excellent value. Whether you are replacing your old windows or installing new windows in new buildings. Our windows will be made to fit precisely. Our windows are robust, secure, and offer optimum energy efficiency and accessible cleaning features with tilt-in sashes.


Home Window Repair

The type, size, and location of windows significantly affect heating and cooling costs. Select the right quality windows, but shop wisely for the best combination of price and performance. Many house building budgets have been blown by spending thousands of additional dollars on premium windows with marginal energy savings.

In general, double-paned units with low-emissivity coatings are a cost-effective window choice. Well-designed homes carefully consider window location and size. In summer, unshaded windows can double the costs of keeping a house fresh. Year-round, poorly designed windows can cause glare, fade fabrics, and reduce comfort.

Windows lose and gain heat in the following ways:

  • * Conduction through the glass and frame;
  • * Convection across the air space in double- and triple-glazed units;
  • * Air leakage around the sashes and the frame; and Radiation through the glazing.

Few windows can meet all of these goals. Still, in the past several years, the window industry has unveiled an exciting array of higher efficiency products. The most notable developments include:

  • * Thermal breaks to reduce heat losses through highly conductive glazing systems and metal frames
  • * Inert gas fills, such as argon and krypton, which help deaden the air space between layers of glazing and thus increase the insulating values of the windows
  • * Tighter weatherstripping systems to lower air leakage rates and Low-emissivity coatings, which hinder radiant heat flow.

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Three different methods of replacing windows

1. Sash replacement: (double-hung windows only) – Sashes (the parts of the window that go up and down) and the jamb liners (tracks that the sashes ride up and down on) are removed from the window. New energy-efficient jamb liners and sashes are inserted into the existing window frame.

Energy Efficiency: Because this method relies on your existing window frames being plumb, level, and square. It can be the least energy-efficient way to replace windows. If your windows are square, it can be beneficial. Manufacturers will only guarantee the energy ratings of the glass itself, not the entire window.

Disruption to your home: There is minimal disruption with this method. The interior window stops are removed to install this type of replacement window. Only the parts and pieces of the existing window are being replaced. The current interior and exterior trim remain.

Ease of Installation: Fairly easy to install for an experienced mechanic. It can be time-consuming if existing window frames are not square. Much shimming involved and installation of aftermarket weatherstripping is typically required. Must measure screens separately. It can be challenging to provide tight-fitting screens.

When to use: This method should only be used when you desire to maintain the original look and feel of the old windows, and you do not want to incur additional expense and disruption to your home of a full-frame tear out. It is typically done with wood windows but is also available in the wood cladding. It can only be done with double-hung windows and picture windows. Usually, it is not done with an all-vinyl product.

Cost-Moderate to high priced depending upon window options. Typically costs about the same as a wood-clad pocket replacement window.

2. Insert replacement-or pocket fit window. Sashes and jamb liners are removed, and a new window with its frame is installed within the existing structure.

Energy Efficiency: Because the window has new sashes and frames, it will provide excellent energy efficiency. The manufacturer can offer and guarantee the effectiveness of the product. It cannot guarantee that air leakage will not occur around the existing window frame.

Disruption to your home: There is minimal disruption with this method. The interior window stops are removed to install this type of replacement window. Only the parts and pieces of the existing window are being replaced. The current interior and exterior trim remain. It can be installed from the exterior without removing any interior stops.

Ease of Installation: the Easiest way to install for an experienced mechanic. It eliminates concerns for windows that are not plumb level or square because it has its frame. Typically the exterior trim of the existing window is covered or wrapped in matching aluminum to seal the old exterior trim and make it low maintenance.

When to use: This method should be used when you desire maximum energy efficiency, minimal disruption to your home, and minimal labor cost. This is the conventional method for installing vinyl windows. It can be used with double-hung, casement, picture, and awning windows.

Cost-Moderate to high priced replacement because labor cost is minimal, but windows are custom sized.

3. Full frame replacement-Interior trim, exterior trim, and the entire window are removed, and a new window with its structure is installed within the framed wall opening. New insulation is installed around the perimeter of the window.

Energy Efficiency: Because this method removes the entire window and frame and insulation can be installed around the perimeter, it provides maximum energy efficiency.

Disruption to your home: There is a significant disruption with this method. All parts of the window are removed along with interior and exterior trim. May require repairs to interior surfaces. May require additional painting to adjacent walls.

Ease of Installation: The most challenging installation method and significant time involved. All window components, exterior, and interior trim are replaced. Requires an experienced mechanic for installation and trim work.

When to use: This method should be used when you desire to maintain the original look and feel of the old windows, and you want maximum efficiency. You also want to replace or change your interior moldings. Typically not done using vinyl windows. Done when old frames are rotting out and or a desire to replace interior trim. Usually done with wood and clad windows. It can be done with all the styles of windows.

Cost-High priced replacement because of high labor and material costs.

Why replace your windows?

There are multiple reasons why people replace their windows. In a recent survey conducted by Window and Door Magazine, the top 10 reasons are:

  1. Energy efficiency – The weakest link in the building envelope for energy loss in a home will always be the windows. You can realistically expect to save 15-20% or more on your utility bills with replacement windows. Older homes with windows that have single-pane glass will realize the most savings. With the price of energy continuing to rise, your savings will continue to compound. Newer homes with inexpensive windows can also be a huge energy drain. As they get older, the cheaper parts wear out and begin to lose their effectiveness in keeping out the cold and the heat. Think about new replacement windows like a new car that gets excellent gas mileage. The higher the price of gas, the more money you save.


  2. Easy to Clean – With the number of airborne particles in the air today, dirty windows are commonplace. Stained windows drastically reduce the amount of visible light transmittance. The ability to clean your windows is more important than ever. Many new features have been developed to assist in the cleaning process. Most double-hung windows feature easy to tilt in sashes, which allow cleaning of the exterior glass from the interior of your home. Some casement windows crank out and over to allow cleaning for the inside. Others are offering exterior glass coatings that keep windows cleaner, more extended.


  3. Maintenance-free – Most manufacturers today offer an exterior window that requires little or no maintenance. Other than cleaning and inspection of the caulk joints on an annual basis, you should enjoy many years of worry-free maintenance to your windows and trim. Windows made of vinyl, fiberglass, composite material, aluminum-clad wood, vinyl-clad wood, or all-aluminum will provide you with varying degrees of low maintenance. Most will eliminate the need to paint regularly, which will save on your painting bills.


  4. Aesthetics – New windows can provide a new or updated look. They also can match your original home and blend in architecturally while providing energy-saving benefits. Many manufacturers feature multiple color choices for the exterior and hardwood interiors for that distinctive look. Grid options or style of the window allow you to change the look on the outside. There are so many new options for color, hardware, grids, and interiors now available that you can truly personalize your windows to match your tastes.


  5. Comfort – The elimination of cold drafts and convection in the winter and hot spots in the house during the hot summer months is another great benefit of new windows. Everyone wants their home to be comfortable. New energy-efficient windows with reflective properties help keep radiant heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.


  6. Noise reduction – When you use double and triple pane glass, Low E coatings, Argon, Krypton gas, and current weather stripping, this can contribute to a quieter home when you have your windows replaced. For those high traffic or city areas, laminated glass can dramatically reduce sound transmission through your windows.


  7. Safety – Today’s modern windows have easy to use features that provide an escape route in case of fire. Ease of operation, secure tilt latches, and the ability to remove sashes can provide you with peace of mind in case of fire. Tempered or safety glass protects high traffic and high hazard areas where there is danger of falling through the glass or glass breakage. For the ultimate in security protection, laminated glass can prevent or reduce the chance of break-ins and eliminate the need for security bars.


  8. Durability – High-quality windows are built with the latest advances in You can expect to get many years of trouble-free performance, low maintenance, and energy savings with quality replacement windows. Many manufacturers are now offering limited lifetime warranties.


  9. Re-sale value – New windows enhance the value of your home and are one of many value rating points for appraisers. A 2010 research study from industry experts states that in the South Atlantic Region, you can expect to recoup 73-77% of the cost of a midrange window replacement project, depending on window material used.


  10. UV protection – Natural light from the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both humans and home furnishings. Increased incidence of skin cancer and eye problems can be directly related to the sun. Fading of carpet, furniture, floors, and drapes is commonplace with old windows. With new glass technology, many of these problems can be drastically reduced without dramatically affecting the amount of visible light transmittance.


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